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August Raurica

August Raurica watches are more than simple accessories, they are wearable works of art. Balishoot creates a campaign that shows every detail, value, and style. August Raurica watches designed a unisex masterpiece with the objective of inspiring individuals to take one step ahead.

  • Summer Mae Summer Mae is a swimwear brand that celebrates diversity and beauty. In Balishoot we create high-quality pictures to showcase the detail of the clothing itself.
  • Coca Cola X MCD Balishoot X Coca-Cola & Mc Donals present: Summer Vibes. A fresh, fun, and feel-good video series featuring Gen Z’s cultural passions and their love for Coca-Cola. Watch how they enjoy their drink experience with Mc […]
  • Ini Vie – Cyrus Villa Balishoot presents Ini Vie Villa: A video campaign that captures the romantic and relaxing holiday of a couple in Bali. Ini Vie Villa is a beautiful bohemian-style villa that offers a private pool, a cozy […]
  • Levi’s Presents | Buy Better, Wear Longer
  • Immortalis Representing the most exclusive and luxurious private yachts in Indonesia, here is our collaboration with Ultimate Indonesian Yachts with their newly refurbished vessel, Immortalis.
  • Indigo Hotel
  • iFlow
  • S&F Delilah S&F Delilah: A photography campaign that showcases the fun and fashionable resort wear and bikinis from the Bali-based brand. S&F Delilah is designed for women who love to express their style and personality. We highlight the beauty, quality, […]
  • Uma Kalai Balishoot X Uma Kalai Villa. Balishoot capture the ultimate romantic retreat nestled in the heart of nature. The high-quality video showcases the villa’s breathtaking views and serene surroundings, perfect for couples seeking a honeymoon getaway. With luxurious […]
  • Humanians Welcome To Humania Ordinary is not in The Humanians dictionary. We created an exclusive NFT video for their second campaign Humanians Welcome To Humania. The video itself is fun, colorful, and unique. It showcases the diversity and the […]