Finns Back to Bali • Balishoot

Finns Back to Bali

Join us on a journey through a land of infinite cultural wonders. This time, we collaborated with Finns Beach Club on their ‘Back to Bali’ campaign, in partnership with the local government and Wonderful Indonesia.

We shot this with our amazing models Kelly, Aletta, Carol, Mari, and Diogo, with hair and make-up by Kseniia and styling by Maikhanh, all from Bali Model Agency. We went on an adventure – we swam with Manta Rays in Nusa Penida, witnessed the hypnotic Kecak Dance, danced on glimmering black sand, explored holy temples and waterfalls, and (after preparations and safety measures) jumped out of a helicopter – all captured by our talented Director Romain Cailliez. The end result was spectacular. This campaign was an exciting journey, and we are honored to have worked with Finns for it.