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The Art of Bakti Negara

(Duration: 5’06) Bakti Negara is a style of Pencak Silat (Indonesian martial art) developed on the island of Bali. It is firmly rooted in ancient Balinese Hinduism, and philosophies. Bakti Negara means “national devotion.” The Sanskrit word Bakti, translates to devotion, and Negara, to country. It is the most widely practiced martial art in Bali, and the most well-known style of Balinese martial art. In fact, Bakti Negara is so widely practiced, it is commonly referred to as Pencak Bali or Kuntao Bali (Martial Art of Bali).

Bakti Negara has moves similar to various Balinese dances and performing arts such as the famous Barong dance. Although the martial art is very much focused around self-defense, those who practice Bakti Negara also participate in modern fighting competitions.