Wanderlust • Balishoot


On this transformational shoot, Balishoot captured 10 yoga-based videos at a villa in Bali, a tranquil, artistic backdrop, creating the ideal setting for a yoga focused video.

Wanderlust choose us to film their 10-day reset challenge, creating promotional content and videos to use across all their platforms.

Not only did we create yoga tutorial content, together we brainstormed the idea to film the nutritional part of the challenge in the kitchen, making excellent use of the space inside the Villa. This video and photo content was used over the course of 10 days to inspire and motivate viewers across the globe to set the mind and body up for success throughout the winter and holiday season.

Wanderlust’s mission is to help their client cultivate their best self. They gather experts from across the world, teaching practices and giving ideas, leading to a journey towards a healthy and inspired lifestyle.